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Tuesday July 14th

08h00 - 08h45 Breakfast

08h45 - 09h00 Opening remarks by Guy Sauvageau, Scientific director of IRIC

Session I – Cancer Systems Biology

09h00 - 10h00 Stephen Michnick
"Dynamics of Protein Interaction Networks"
10h00 - 10h45 Forest White
"Biological Insights from Quantitative Analysis of Tyrosine Kinase Signaling Networks"

10h45 - 11h00 Break

11h00 - 11h45 Norbert Perrimon
"Large Scale Analyses of Signaling Networks"
11h45 - 12h00 General Discussion

12h00 - 13h30 Lunch

Session II – Cell Engineering Approaches to Cancer

13h30 - 14h15 Margaret Gardel
"Force Transmission and Mechanosensation in Adherent Cells"
14h15 - 15h00 Christina Smolke
"Programming RNA Devices to Control Cellular Information Processing"

15h00 - 15h15 Break

15h15 - 16h00 Madan Babu
"Intrinsically Unstructured Proteins: Regulation and Disease"
16h00 - 16h15 General Discussion
16h15 - 18h00 Poster presentations

Wednesday July 15th

08h30 - 09h30 Breakfast

09h30 - 10h30 Keynote speaker – Tim Mitchison
"How do Cancer Cells Make Life-Death Decisions in Mitosis?"

Session III – Systems Biology in Clinical & Pharmaceutical Applications

10h30 - 11h15 Chiang J Li
"How Far Are We from RNAi Medicine?"
11h15 - 12h00 VWR (Axela)

12h00 - 13h30 Lunch

Session IV – Systems Immunology

13h30 - 14h30 Bali Pulendran
"Systems Biological Approaches to Vaccine Development"
14h30 - 15h15 Claude Perreault
"Molecular Definition of the “Immune Self” by High-Throughput Sequencing of the MHC-Immunopeptidome"

15h15 - 15h30 Break

15h30 - 16h15 Michael G. Katze
"Can Systems and Computational Biology Save the World from the Next Pandemic?"
16h15 - 17h00 Martin Meier-Schellersheim
"Computational cell biology - from molecular interactions to cellular communication"
17h00 - 17h15 General Discussion
17h15 - 17h30 Closing words

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